Tulsi Evening Primrose Tea

Tulsi and Evening Primrose are two of my oldest plant friends who find their way into my mug almost daily to support the Nervous, Immune and Respiratory System. 


The Tulsi from our land is a powerful plant ally who answers the call for community support in any way she can. She is a grounding calming force who supports the whole being to keep up with the continually changing tides in life.


Evening Primrose blankets the gardens every Spring. She has been here way longer than we have and continues to show up every year more and more. Evening Primrose has a relaxing quality to the whole body, and using the whole plant can relax us down to the bones. This plant imediately invokes a deep breath and smile and makes a lovely tea. May these plant friends support your body, mind and spirit. ~Enjoy~


Suggested use: Steep at least 1 TBS in 8 oz water for at least 10 minutes. OR Place herbs in water and place in the sun for at least 1 hr. 


Ingredients: Ocimum Sanctum, Oenothera speciosa

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Tulsi Evening Primrose Tea


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