Mugwort and the Moon (Artemisia vulgares)

1oz Mugwort Spagyric Tincture + 1 Smoke Vundle + 1 Mugwort Sachet


Mugwort & The Moon 🌙 I love the way these words roll off my tongue... they just feel good together. Try it... Mugwort and the moooooon. Am I right?

🌚 🌱✨

Sometimes I almost howl them into the garden while I water. Other times I whisper them while walking the dog in the eve or as I do the dishes. 


Mugwort was my muse Summer 2020. I keep it (Artmesia vulgares) on my nightstand and take a bit each night. It was my COVID era equivalent to a proper summer vacation. Zero risk option, no packing, no children! 😂 


Also, I hear I’m not alone in experiencing some weird menstrual flip flopping. My moon has been all over the place for the first time in my adult woman life the last 6 months. Mugwort has an affinity for Women’s reproductive system bringing warmth and circulation to the uterus and pelvic area. It moves stuck energy supporting cramps, getting the flow moving while supporting regulation and balance. 


It’s bitter flavor also supports digestion as bitters do. This warming bitter (fun fact: most bitters are cooling) is stimulating and tonifying (promoting strength and vitality) to the nervous system. The way I see it: Mugwort supports a flow state. 


The sachets are either for under your pillow to enhance the lucid dreaming plant power or for a strong bitter tea to activate your Mugwort musings. 



Ingredients: Fresh Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) ,190 proof organic cane spirits

Suggested Use: .5 - 1 dropper full 1 to 3 times daily.

Made with fresh herb organically grown and harvested with love onsite in South Austin. 

Ratio: 1:2
1oz.  Cold Pressed

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Mugwort and the Moon (Artemisia vulgares)


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