Bidens Tincture
From herbalst, Kiva Rose:
Botanical Name: Bidens spp.
Energetics: Cool, moist
Taste: Bland, aromatic, astringent
Well known Southwestern herbalist Michael Moore says that Bidens has “the ability to tighten, shrink and tonify the structural cells of the mucus membranes thereby preventing congestion and edema, while simultaneously increasing circulation, metabolism, and healing energy of the functional cells of those tissues.” What this can mean for the bladder is that it’s an excellent addition to any UTI formula, and also works amazingly well to clear up residual irritation, pain and congestion after the initial acute infection has been eradicated. So, if you eradicate an acute, painful urinary tract infection with antibiotics or herbs, but still have a lingering sense of discomfort, or the infection comes back again in two weeks, over and over, then a nice tea or tincture of Bidens can tighten up and heal the tissue. This can help prevent that nasty cycle of never-ending bladder infections some women are so prone to.
Just this one profound use would be enough to captivate me, but there’s so much more. Bidens is also capable of clearing infections, like staph, all on its own. Astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-infective, this plant can heal any number of irritations and infections externally and internally, especially those of the tender and vulnerable mucus membranes. It works very well on the lungs, the sinuses, the digestive tract, prostate, urinary tract, uterus and GI. Bidens consistently heals wounds, lowers blood pressure, improves general blood flow, and acts as a prompt expectorant as well as a fine nerve tonic.
Ingredients: Bidens leaves, stems and flowers from WLLC garden, organic food grade glycerin, local vodka.

Bidens Tincture

  • Organic Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) Stems, leaves and flowers from WLLC garden, Local Vodka.