Bay Laurel with Rose, Passionflower and Rosemary Hydrosol

Autumnal Equinox Distillation of Bay Laurel with a spirit dose of Rose, Passion Flower and Rosemary ✨🌳🌸✨

For my family and extended family, sitting around the fire was a cornerstone. The campfire was often in the center of our time together, wether at the beach or home or really anyone’s home... it was what we did. We called it South Texas TV. Ha! ✨🌳✨

Our house had a GIANT Bay Laurel hugging the kitchen and back patio. I have memories of looking up at it in the the fire’s light and dancing shadows while passing time slowly, family style. ✨🌳✨

I often sat dreaming on who I was growing into and all the places I would go, as this was the home we lived in when I was a young adult. It was where I spent the first chapter as a young single mom, seeking ways to grow through my edges, grow into independence while raising the little person known as a West. To me Bay represents family, digesting reality, dreaming in possibility and a safe place to agree or disagree. ✨🌳✨

This is the first harvest from our Bay Laurel at the learning center. Permaculture students planted their intentions and inspirations along with the tree 3ish years ago. It’s planted in honor of our Preschool Mentor who has a love for Bay. When she walks on the deck with the kiddos the new growth finally reaches out over the railing. I imagine this Bay and her fragrance hugging the building some day. ✨🌸🌳✨

The Rose, Passion Flower and Rosemary were shining under the Equinox sunrise this am, all wet from last nights rain but freshly popped and SO fragrant! They asked to come along, wide eyed I agreed. “Into the still you go” I sing as I process the plants. ✨🌳🌸✨

These plants can be touchstones for potent memories, ways to carry stories forward. For me these stories and the people connected through them are just as much the medicine as the plants themselves. This hydrosol will find it’s way into my shop but not today. Today I’m reflecting back with gratitude and reverence and looking forward with sobriety and curiosity. 🌳🌸✨

Wish you all could smell the alchemy glugging out of the still as I write this... wowzas ✨💗✨
Suggested use: This calming and uplisting aromatic herb works to cultivate resilence on every level. Keep close by to soothe and uplift the body, mind and spirit.  Spray freely to support the overall wellbeing of all those around you. 


Ingredients: Fresh Bay leaves, Rose, Passion flower, Rosemary, Filtered Rain Water


This product has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.

Bay Laurel with Rose, Passionflower and Rosemary Hydrosol


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