Spagyric Tinctures & Cordials


Potent Plant Remedies

Working with the seen and unseen forces of the seasons to create potent plant remedies that support you on every level - Body, Mind & Spirit

The spagyric process takes time and intention. Each plant is extracted into organic alcohol for at least 6 weeks, pressed and then brought through the process of extracting and recombining the purified salts from the marc. 

Over the years I have grown my apothecary from what is growing on the land here, slowly adding herbs from other organic growers as the need arises. 

I work with the seasons along with the planetary influences to prepare potent spagyric tinctures and cordials. This practice takes time and energy and creates what I believe to be the post potent dynamic form of herbal remedy.

This practice of spagyrics brings me deep joy and humbles me daily.


 These plants are here for us, ready to support us in righting the course to live healthy, vibrant lives. It is my honor to make these remedies available for you all. Please reach out with any questions. 

All orders can be shipped in the US or picked up onsite in Austin, TX at Cultivate - Holistic Homestead Supply

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