Volunteer and Support Community Herbalism

Thank you all for your interest in getting involved in this Community Herbalism endeavor. I have visions of us woven into the gardens and am ready to get to connect in the fresh air in person again. Dates are posted on the calendar below. It is my hope that we can reconnect while adhering to the level of social distancing that you feel most comfortable. 

We will remain outdoors and I will set up any activity allowing us to stay 6' apart. 

Text Caroline to RSVP when you are coming: 512-217-0661. 

Keep an eye on IG and Facebook for updates and please share with interested parties.

This space has had 100s of people's support along the way. Each season the gardens grow more abundant and as more people come the space tells a story of a beautiful resilient community, connected through children, plant medicine and a desire to learn regenerative ways of cultivation. This is the people's medicine. 


~See You Soon Dear Ones~



Time spent with Caroline in a consultation is a true pleasure.  You get the benefit of her warm and lovely presence, combined with an incredible storehouse of knowledge about plant medicine, and the peace of mind in knowing where all the plants and materials are sourced from for your tincture-- her front yard, or the food forest she's lovingly cultivated over the last 8 years! 


I found our conversation as healing as the tincture I left with, and the practice of taking that tincture each day a helpful touchstone of my time with Caroline in her yurt.  I have taken tinctures that I have purchased online from larger retailers, and it just isn't the same.  There's something really lovely about supporting a local business, receiving medicine from plants lovingly grown by hand, in a combination that is uniquely tailored to my needs and concerns. 


The tincture I received was truly a custom blend just for me, my own little draught of peacefulness in a bottle.  I have yet to have an online consultation with her, but have plans to book one soon.  Caroline's warmth translates, regardless of how you meet with her.  Highly recommended!"

~Ann ATX