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Our health and wellbeing is a direct reflection of our relationship to our environment. Our body, mind and spirit are woven. In holistic health we are working to find and treat the root cause of dis-ease and treat the whole being. 


Throughout my life I have honed my senses as an observer of nature. For the last 15 years I have observed humans of all ages in relation to the world around us. With these skills partnered with the plant remedies, I work with my clients to shine light on even the most subtle of clues to what plant remedy is best suited for their unique condition. I consider myself a master observer and a sound, grounded witness to my clients. Confidentiality and trust is the foundation of my work. I hold deep space, and always leave room for joy, wonder and curiosity during sessions with clients.

 My goal is for you to discover what you need to live into your most vital self.  


Medicinal plants are each unique and support our whole being in righting the course in areas of need. They also support the whole being in maintaining vitality being a perfect choice for preventive care. Plant remedies work gently yet effectively, shifting a root cause of dis-ease back into alignment. The effects of taking herbal remedies can be profound.  Each herb has a nuance for a system of the body and an herbal action that catalyzes change. I consider myself a matchmaker between plants and people and take great joy in facilitating the process. 

Holistic Health Consultations


Caroline is one of the most trustworthy and wholesome humans I know. She is a community leader with a wealth of creativity, resourcefulness, brilliance and gifts that are essential in this time of paradigm shifting and systems reinvention. 


Caroline is a wisdom elder, with presence, intuition, life skill application and mastery well beyond her years.  She is medicine woman, a mystic, a visionary,  a compassionate soul and a deeply grounded, practical, devotional being.


As my first permaculture mentor, her teachings supported me to rewire and orient my entire world view around regenerative design. Her encyclopedic knowledge and intimate relationship to soil health, plants, herbs and the Earth inspired me to redesign my life to better steward and thrive on our sacred garden planet, for my own health and  for the vitality of all relations.

~Gabriela ATX

About Caroline

Holistic Health & Wellness from a Vitalist Tradition

In 2018 Caroline Riley Carberry started 7 Feathers Apothecary where she makes herbal remedies from the plants cultivated onsite as well as ethically harvested and organic herbs from around the world.


It is here that she meets with clients to restore a healthy balance in the body, mind, heart and spirit. Caroline comes from the Vitalist tradition of herbalism that looks at the whole person — deeply investigating, looking beyond surface symptoms alone, until the root cause of why a client has come to work with her is found.


She studied Clinical Herbalism, Alchemical Herbalism and Astro Herbalism with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She has also studied locally in Austin, TX with GInger Webb and Sacred Journey School of Herbalism.


Lunar Cycle Consultation Details:

This 28 day consultation begins on the new moon with an initial consultation. 
You bring any and every aspect of your health that you would like support with, body, mind and spirit. 

Initial consultation where we work together to create a lifestyle, diet and herbal supplement protocol to support your optimal health. 
You will receive a follow up email after the consult that includes bullet points from our meeting, links and personalized herbal formulations that we will agree upon during consultation. 
Also included in consultation and follow up email is Holistic health self inquiry to explore for the following two weeks. 

Second consult is around the full moon. We will take time to reflect on the last two weeks, shifts in your health and vitality, explore further layers of health support needs. We will process, celebrate and recalibrate where needed around your holistic health plan. Any additional herbal protocol will be formulated.

Third consult will happen about two weeks later, just before the New Moon. We will assess progress, celebrate and dig deeper where needed with additional herbal protocol if it is called for. You will set intentions for the next chapter and I will bear witness and support you where needed bring out time together full circle with ways you can carry your health and vitality forward. 

Cost: $300 plus cost of herbs

Please book your initial session on the following dates to correspond with the new moon.
May 2020: May 21 - 25th
June 2020: June 19th - 22th
July 19 - 22nd
August 17 -20th

Holistic Health & Wellness Consultation Details:

Initial holistic health consultation. You bring anything that you would like support with body, mind and spirit. We will strategize lifestyle, dietary and herbal protocol. 

After consult: You receive herbal formulations that we agree upon  and a follow up email with highlights from our meeting.

Second Session 7-14 days later to reflect on how your protocol is going, shift, add and complete. We celebrate breakthroughs and process anything new that arises. With my support, you will define a "new to you" holistic health perspective to live forward into your daily life. 

After second session: You receive a follow up email and any additional herbal support that we agree upon. 

Cost: $175 Plus cost of herbs

Follow Up Consultation Details:

This Session is perfect for someone who has worked with Caroline before and wants to revisit the conversation, look into a new facet of their holistic health plan, reformulate an herbal remedy from previous sessions. 

It includes:
One consultation session up to 90 minutes. 

Cost: $75 plus cost of herbs

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