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In our holistic health consultations we work to find and integrate the root cause of any imbalance that arises while cultivating and maintaining health and vitality of your whole being. We work together to discover aspects of self that are ready to be integrated. I use clues from your history along side your unique set of symptoms - your body tells us the story -  to support my herbal protocol.

You choose 1-2 aspects you would like support with from the plant remedies. Many times small shifts in perspective along side our daily routine can have profound affects on our health. We will look to diet, exercise, sleep, digestion, reproductive health, relational history and your unique life’s journey for insight. 

 It’s my goal for you to receive an experience that is profound, grounded & unique to your needs. I see each imbalance as an opportunity to integrate parts of yourself that may have gone unseen or have been forgotten and live into your most vital self. We take time to work our way to the root cause of of what arises with the help of self inquiry, medical history and the plant remedies. These remedies will work with your unique needs to support your health and wellbeing. I have found that for many, these experiences are profound and am honored to support you however you need. 

My clinical training as an herbalist supports my herbal protocol for those who are affected by acute issues such as urinary tract infections, female reproductive support, and allergies. Personally in my own grief journey, I have cultivated a deep understanding about how the emotional body affects physical health. I have also gained perspective on ancestral trauma and feel at home with aspects of self that many experience as negative or shadow. My life’s experience along side energetic healing training informs my protocol along with my clinical herbalism training when working with those who bring aspects rooted in emotional or ancestral trauma. I understand that deep loss may bring physical pain and physical pain causes emotional/spiritual suffering. The plants work beautifully on these levels. I want to share this aspect to my work so that you know the depth of experience we enter together in our sessions. 

I am a sound, grounded witness to my clients. Confidentiality and trust is the foundation of our work together. I hold deep space and always leave room for joy, wonder and curiosity during sessions. No two human conditions are alike and this is reflected in uniqueness of our time together. I have the wonderful job of being a matchmaker between plants and people and practice reverence and joy in facilitating the process, creating formulations that are as unique as you are. I make each plant remedy with my own hands, often from plants grown onsite in our magical forest garden. I take each plant through the alchemical process creating potent spagyric tinctures. Please inquire with any questions and I look forward to working with you.

~Caroline Riley Carberry

About Caroline

Holistic Health & Wellness from a Vitalist Tradition

In 2018 Caroline Riley Carberry started 7 Feathers Apothecary where she makes herbal remedies from the plants cultivated onsite in our magical forest garden in South Austin, TX  as well as ethically harvested and organic herbs from around the world.


For the last 15 years Caroline has observed and guided humans of all ages in relation to the world around us to foster a love of learning and remembrance that we are interconnected. Her journey as a Holistic Educator and Sustainable Designer/Instructor grew along side her natural curiosity of Folk and Western Herbalism leading me to dive into training  in Clinical Herbalism, Alchemical Herbalism and Astro Herbalism with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She has also studied locally in Austin, TX with GInger Webb and Sacred Journey School of Herbalism. In 2020 Caroline began studying Women's Health with Aviva Romm.

You can often find Caroline tucked in the gardens or in her small yurt apothecary. Caroline comes from the Vitalist tradition of herbalism that looks at the whole person — deeply investigating, looking beyond surface symptoms alone, until the root cause of why a client has come to work with her is found.

You can often find Caroline tucked in the gardens or in her apothecary. Caroline comes from the Vitalist tradition of herbalism that looks at the whole person — deeply investigating, looking beyond surface symptoms alone, until the root cause of why a client has come to work with her is found.

Holistic Health Consultations


Botanical Constellations -

A Medicine Garden Mentorship

If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that human connection in any form is precious, the garden is the medicine and connecting the two is where the magic happens. 


The forest garden tells a story of 100s of humans who have helped to design, plant and steward this space. As I stroll around the forest garden different plants remind me of the humans who gifted, planted or fell in love with the remedy of a particular plant. This is one of the things that makes this place so special and I’d like to infuse more of this magic into the land this Spring. 


I am looking for 7-12 people who want to join me in a unique experience of designing and planting the herbaceous/small woody layer in a section of the forest garden with medicinal plants that personally speak to you. I often see humans as a reflection of a constellation of plants that are meant to support us. Do you want to design a constellation of plants (aka a guild or a group of plants that work together) and install it in our community forest garden? All while learning the design process?


As we work to the design small patches in the forest garden, each of you will inquire into areas of interest where you’d like to partner with the plants for your health and wellbeing. During our 1 on 1 consultation we will sit with the plants that exist in our gardens, explore teas and tinctures, and choose to incorporate some of them you feel deep connections with into your plant guild design. 


We will work together to choose plants that both work with the flows (sun, water, wind, animals) of our forest garden, are medicinal and will easily thrive at our site in South Austin with the help of local resources, my ever evolving plant lists and our collective personal experience.


After our mentorship is complete, I will steward the space as usual (water, weed, sing to), you are always welcome to come visit and stay connected as we are open to the public on the weekends. The infusion of love and intention into the space will be a gift to our beautiful community of kiddos who use the forest garden as a living classroom Monday - Friday and a point of interconnection for many seasons to come. Over the years, as 100s more humans come through the forest garden your botanical constellation will grow, evolve, support biodiversity and the beauty with each changing season. 


The Framework: January 30th - April 17th


January 30th 10 - 3pm

Initial meeting with whole group in person outside in forest garden. Introductions! We will get to know each other a bit and get oriented to the sun, water, soil, wildlife, design story of this place. Set the stage for your inspiration and creativity in creating your own medicinal plant guild.


Between January 30th and February 20th 1 on 1 drop in with Caroline

Let’s talk about you and your plant allies! We will work to create a personal plant list or if you already have many let’s drop in together and go deeper into your plant path! I will lead you down a fun path of plant research. We can meet in person, via zoom or FaceTime at a time that works for each of our schedules. This meeting will be a Spring board for you to make your plant list of 5 - 12 plant species which may be included in your guild design. 


February 20th - 11 - 3pm

In person in the garden - Each of you will choose a site in the forest garden to plant. We will have a solid garden sit spot and a design workshop where we will draw basic yet useful to scale designs, make a list of specific needs of your spot and a plant list. 


Between February 20th and February 27th - get plant list/design to Caroline so she can procure plants.


February 27th

1 on one check in via phone/zoom/facetime survey with Caroline to stay current and see how your process is going. 


March 6th 11-3pm

Initial planting party! reflections and celebration with soil on hands and heart to plant connections.


April 17th - 11 - 3pm

Secondary Planting party for any warm season plants that may need more time to be procured ( this is just in case, knowing how things grow and come into availability in ATX) Come see how the plants are growing and connect with each other in the height of Spring!.


Forever - plant friends are available to you to visit, harvest and, reflect upon. 


Cost: $250 It’s been a hard year for many. If you’d like to participate and $ is the only barrier, please contact me at


I offer reparations scholarships to all events I host for BIPOC community. If interested please contact me at


Participants get 10% off at Cultivate - Holistic Homestead Supply during workshop (January - April)


I love life's serendipities and this was a big one for me. I cultivated many things during this crazy year, but the highlight is a renewed love of plants and growing in ways that had been swirling in my head and you helped bring that into focus with me discovering your apothecary and then taking the medicine garden class. I've just begun this journey down the herbal path, but wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of plants. Thank you for cultivating such a sweet community. Thank you for being you. You and your class were a bright spot of my year. ✨🌱 

~Laura ATX

Working with Caroline is a truly precious & special gift. Not only does she have tremendous knowledge of Western Herbalism and wisdom traditions, she was willing to do deep research for me on my own specific health issues.  I appreciate how spacious and present she is to know the right timing of things:  to move, to be still, to integrate.
It was incredible working with her through a 28 day Lunar cycle, specifically during this time of quarantine, pandemic, global social justice uprising. She helped me reconnect to my heart and stay close to the earth so I can be of most benefit to others.
I look forward to continue working with her and deeply recommend her for anyone looking to get deep, real, and spacious.

~Abbey, ATX


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