Holistic Wellness Consultations

We are woven into the seen and unseen world around us and this affects our whole being - body, mind and spirit. When we encounter pathogens, stress beyond our unique level of resiliency and environmental factors we may experience illnesses and imbalances. While our body is intelligent and resilient, there are seasons and situations each unique to our particular situation, ancestral ties, and genetic predispositions where we need extra support to maintain health and wellbeing. In some situations the needs are acute (like a flu or broken bone) while others are chronic (like digestive or reproductive imbalances). Dis-ease has many faces and may be felt in the physical body, emotional body and/or spiritual body and anywhere along the spectrum where these realms interweave.  As a clinical herbalist and holistic health practitioner, I work with people to match them with appropriate self inquiry, lifestyle adjustments and plant based remedies to support health and wellness. 

In our holistic health consultations we are working to find and treat the root cause of any imbalance that arises while cultivating and maintaining health and vitality. We work with the seasons, the elements and natural flows that ebb and flow within all that encompasses your body, mind & spirit. I support you to look within your whole being, to your medical history and clues within your unique set of symptoms (how your body talks and tells us the story) to identify where you need support and then to the plant remedies to support righting the course so that you are living your most vital life.


It’s my goal for you to receive an experience that is profound, grounded & unique to your needs. I see each imbalance as an opportunity to integrate parts of yourself that may have gone unseen or have been forgotten and live into your most vital self. We take time to work our way to the root cause of of what arises with the help of self inquiry, medical history and the plant remedies. These remedies will work with your unique needs to support your health and wellbeing. I have found that for many, these experiences are profound and am honored to support you however you need. 

I am a sound, grounded witness to my clients. Confidentiality and trust is the foundation of our work together. I hold deep space, and always leave room for joy, wonder and curiosity during sessions. No two human conditions are alike and this is reflected in uniqueness of our time together. I have the wonderful job of being a matchmaker between plants and people and practice reverence and joy in facilitating the process, creating formulations that are as unique as you are. I make each plant remedy with my own hands, often from plants grown onsite in our magical forest garden. I take each plant through the alchemical process creating potent spagyric tinctures. Please inquire with any questions and I look forward to working with you.

~Caroline Riley Carberry

About Caroline

Holistic Health & Wellness from a Vitalist Tradition

In 2018 Caroline Riley Carberry started 7 Feathers Apothecary where she makes herbal remedies from the plants cultivated onsite in our magical forest garden in South Austin, TX  as well as ethically harvested and organic herbs from around the world.


For the last 15 years Caroline has observed and guided humans of all ages in relation to the world around us to foster a love of learning and remembrance that we are interconnected. Her journey as a Holistic Educator and Sustainable Designer/Instructor grew along side her natural curiosity of Folk and Western Herbalism leading me to dive into training  in Clinical Herbalism, Alchemical Herbalism and Astro Herbalism with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She has also studied locally in Austin, TX with GInger Webb and Sacred Journey School of Herbalism.

You can often find Caroline tucked in the gardens or in her small yurt apothecary. Caroline comes from the Vitalist tradition of herbalism that looks at the whole person — deeply investigating, looking beyond surface symptoms alone, until the root cause of why a client has come to work with her is found.

You can often find Caroline tucked in the gardens or in her small yurt apothecary. Caroline comes from the Vitalist tradition of herbalism that looks at the whole person — deeply investigating, looking beyond surface symptoms alone, until the root cause of why a client has come to work with her is found.

Holistic Health Consultations


Caroline is one of the most trustworthy and wholesome humans I know. She is a community leader with a wealth of creativity, resourcefulness, brilliance and gifts that are essential in this time of paradigm shifting and systems reinvention. 


Caroline is a wisdom elder, with presence, intuition, life skill application and mastery well beyond her years.  She is medicine woman, a mystic, a visionary,  a compassionate soul and a deeply grounded, practical, devotional being.


As my first permaculture mentor, her teachings supported me to rewire and orient my entire world view around regenerative design. Her encyclopedic knowledge and intimate relationship to soil health, plants, herbs and the Earth inspired me to redesign my life to better steward and thrive on our sacred garden planet, for my own health and  for the vitality of all relations.

~Gabriela ATX

Working with Caroline is a truly precious & special gift. Not only does she have tremendous knowledge of Western Herbalism and wisdom traditions, she was willing to do deep research for me on my own specific health issues.  I appreciate how spacious and present she is to know the right timing of things:  to move, to be still, to integrate.
It was incredible working with her through a 28 day Lunar cycle, specifically during this time of quarantine, pandemic, global social justice uprising. She helped me reconnect to my heart and stay close to the earth so I can be of most benefit to others.
I look forward to continue working with her and deeply recommend her for anyone looking to get deep, real, and spacious.

~Abbey, ATX


Lunar Cycle Consultation Details:

During this 28 day consultation you bring any and every aspect of yourself where you feel the need for support. We will explore your medical history, family/ancestral patterns, any aspect of your body, mind and spirit that you would like to give attention to. During this time together we will look at your whole being to create a holistic health and wellness protocol unique to your needs. I will facilitate your health and wellness journey for 28 days including the following:


~Initial consultation where we work together to create a lifestyle, diet and herbal protocol to support your optimal health. 
~You will receive a follow up email after the consult that includes bullet points from our meeting, links to any extra references needed, details about your personalized herbal formulations and extra personal inquiries to deeping in the experience.  
~Also included in consultation and follow up email is Holistic health self inquiry to explore for the following two weeks. 

~Second consult about 2 weeks later (may vary depending on what the client needs) We will take time to reflect on the last two weeks, shifts in your health and vitality, explore further layers of health support needs. We will process, celebrate and recalibrate where needed around your holistic health plan. Any additional herbal protocol will be formulated.

~Third consult will happen about two weeks later, to complete our 28 days together. We will assess progress, celebrate and dig deeper where needed with additional herbal protocol if it is called for. You will set intentions for the next chapter and I will bear witness and support you where needed bring out time together full circle with ways you can carry your health and vitality forward. 

Cost: $300 plus cost of herbs

If possible (but not necessary), book your initial session on the following dates to correspond with the new moon.

August 2020: 17 -20th
Sept 2020: 16 - 19
Oct 2020: 15 - 18
Nov 2020: 14-17
Dec 2020: 13 - 17

Holistic Health & Wellness Consultation Details:

A 14 Day Journey to Health and Vitality

Initial holistic health consultation. You bring anything that you would like support with body, mind and spirit. We will strategize lifestyle, dietary and herbal protocol. 

After consult: You receive herbal formulations that we agree upon and a follow up email with highlights from our meeting, additional inquiry and any extra references needed.

Second Session 7-14 days after you receive your custom formulations to reflect on how your protocol is going and make any changes needed to send you off feeling supported. We celebrate breakthroughs and process anything new that arises. With my support, you will define a "new to you" holistic health perspective to live forward into your daily life. 

After second session: You receive a follow up email and any additional herbal support that we agree upon. 

Cost: $200 Plus cost of herbs

Single Drop In Session

A Touchstone

Bring yourself. I will do the same. We can drop in and I will create a custom formula to support your unique needs.

It includes:
One consultation session up to 90 minutes. 

Cost: $75 plus cost of herbs

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